Welcome to the web site. If you are a stamp collector, you might want to take a look around. If you are a firefighter, we might introduce you to a new hobby!

The field of topical stamp collecting is vast. From Disney characters to Mushrooms to Steam Locomotives, collectors become experts in identifying the objects shown on their stamps.

The term "Fire Stamps" is probably misleading. They should really be called "Fire and Emergency Services Stamps" or "Fire Department Stamps" because the objects shown on our stamp collections include vehicles and equipment, the personnel of the Emergency Services and significant and memorable events that depict Fire Suppression, Prevention, and Investigation.

Simply accumulating stamps that show different fire engines is not the limit of our pastime. We research the circumstances of the stamps issue, the manufacturer, year and model of vehicles shown, historical, geographical and other related information. We are an association of collectors called "Fire Service in Philately".

In addition to stamps, collectors often include related material such as post cards, special cancellations, photographs, patches, stickers, models and other related items. Sharing the enjoyment with others is our goal. We hope you enjoy your stay!

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